10 links #2

Christiania a diverse ghetto – A feature about Christiania told form the inside.

Lorem Ipsum Generator – So practical to have while designing something that contains text

The Man Behind The Voice Of Homer Simpsons And Other Characters – =)

Susanne Sundfør – Mitt Lille Land – Such a sentimental performance…

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus – A nice performance as well, but a very different kind! Epic 80s music video from Vienna

Frequency Word Lists – Lists of the 50 000 most used words from subtitles in many different languages. Very practical tool if you are learning a language.

Wikipedia | Light Pollution – One day it just hit me that there are no stars in London and I got a little interested in this phenomenon.

The night sky in the World – And a site dedicated to the subject

Lysforurening.dk – Per Tybjerg Aldrich’s side om truslen mod nat-naturen

deceptacon – le tigre – Oh, this video ❤

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